Christmas Movies for the Break

Old/New Christmas movies and music make you think back to a simpler time.  At least, this is what many people think.  Here is our ranking of the top 6 old/new Christmas movies to watch for your holiday break. These movies are such great Christmas movies to watch at a Christmas party, or with some of your close friends and family. I asked a couple of my close friends which movie they think is the best and why



Dr. Seuss The Grinch- Harper I. likes this movie because of the songs, and how it’s an animated movie. It’s a really good Christmas movie to sit down and laugh at with the fam. Even her siblings really enjoy this movie. Harper’s favorite part is when the grinch starts stealing Christmas and then finally they make him feel welcomed and a part of the town. They invite him over for dinner and make him feel all cozy and warm inside and of course, Cindy Lou Who is the one who invited him.





The Nutcracker and the four realms- Janessa M. enjoys this movie because of the action. She really likes the nutcracker ballet dance so to see an actual movie about it is really cool. She likes to watch this movie, snuggle up to her dogs, eat cookies, and drink some hot chocolate. Even the creativity put into this movie is crazy. I say that’s the best movie night.






Home alone- Hadyn A. enjoys this movie because there’s lots of action of them trying to kidnap the kid and failing. It’s a comedy Christmas movie that isn’t very realistic because in the home alone New York one I don’t think it’s possible for that little kid to be on his own for that long. There are lots of iconic scenes that have happened in the movies which make it more watchable. If I’m being honest I would probably pass out if someone tried coming into my house. I would be a deer in headlights.




Elf- Alyssa A. likes to watch this movie with her family because it’s a fun and weird movie. It isn’t exactly the best Christmas movie but it sure is a funny one. My fav part of the movie is when he eats that huge dessert pasta. It’s also super cringing and there are some parts you want to crumble in a little ball and die… Overall it’s a really funny movie and it’s kinda romance if you think about it.





The polar express- Chloe C. likes this movie the best out of the rest of the selection because it’s kinda creepy and they bring Santa into it. She used to watch it in elementary school when it was too cold outside to play they would sit and eat cookies. The music also is good and it’s not out of place. The theme in the story could be to always believe in the impossible. You make some hot chocolate Overall it’s a nice movie to watch with the family.





A Christmas story- Rachel H. likes this movie because Ralphie has lots of struggles getting what he really wants for Christmas. A Red Ryder air rifle but he’s too young. She is in the same situation she wants a car but is too young when she’s only 15 turning 16 meaning she will have her license soon. It’s a really funny movie but kind of inappropriate so not the best movie to watch with your younger siblings. It’s a really funny movie as well. One of my favorites out of all the movies listed.