Interviewing The Wrestling Coach: Myers


Mr. Myers is the new boys wrestling coach and the assistant coach for the girl wrestling team. I’ll be asking him questions on how it like being the new coach and his experiences.

How is it like being the new coach for wrestling?

He said that enjoy it, it’s a fun experience seeing what the kids are capable to achieve.

What is the biggest accomplishment so far?

The new girls team have been placed in their first tournament, and how the boys won against a hardest team. “The team for being new and getting placed first or second is the biggest accomplishment so far” Myers stated.

What is the hardest thing you have to deal with the wrestler?

Myers stated how it kind of hard thing is building a culture for the team since it is a whole new team with new athletes and new coaches. But things have been going well, everyone is getting along fine and starting to build that family in the team.

What is your favorite memory?

He said that his favorite memories was how both team defeated Apopka, especially how every wrestler is at least top 5 in the district. He also mentioned his new drill being sumo wrestling. It a tough but exciting drill.

What puts a smile on your face?

Myers said he’s love seeing the new wrestler hard work paying off and how the team building a family bond and cheering each other on in the tournaments.

What are something you feel like you could do better?

He mentioned it been hard raising money, since the team isn’t receiving the support or recognition that they want. They would like to see more student from school at their matches.

How it like being an assistant coach for the girls?

he’s really enjoys it, it full with great unique athletes, seeing how the girls are able to work the way they work is amazing.