Survey Exhaustion Level of Students and Teachers About School

Survey Exhaustion Level of Students and Teachers About School

I’m really tired when I’m writing this.  The cause is the epic level of exhaustion that has hit the student body of Lake Mary High School. You know what we’re talking about — stress, lack of sleep, stress, vocabulary homework from you-know-who, stress, parents expectations, and stress. We conducted a survey to see exactly how stressed and tired our fellow Rams are.  Record your level in the comments below.

A junior Alyssa A. says, “I would say a 9. This year I’m averaging 4-5 hours of sleep. It’s mostly because I get so much work from the 8 classes I’m currently taking that it interferes with my sleeping schedule.” She isn’t the only person that relates to this problem. A sophomore Bianca L. says, “9 because there is so much work from all of my classes and I don’t have time to do it all at home.”

Another person who is going through a similar problem is Hannah. Hannah M. says ” My level of exhaustion is a level 8 out of 10. This is because I have so much stress put on me from school work and upcoming tests to the point where I am studying and doing homework all the time that I don’t have time to get a lot of sleep.”

Starlyn can relate to Hannah. Freshman Starlyn M., “On a scale 1-10 I would say I’m an 8 because my sleep schedule is pretty messed up since the summer I would go to sleep around 3am and wake up at 12pm. Waking up at 5am and going to sleep at least at 8 is pretty hard with homework and having time to your self before the day ends. If you sleep in too long you’re tired and if you don’t sleep enough you’re still tired….. make it make sense. Once I get out of school I either go to the gym and get home around 6ish, I don’t have that much time to do work since I have to take a shower, eat, clean my room, or just do daily things that need to get done.”

Why are we exhausted?  Last year, there was a pandemic that made a lot of people go virtual. So they got to stay home so they could wake up whenever they were well rested. This year, they didn’t have a choice. School starts at 7 am so you don’t get as much sleep especially if you aren’t use to getting up that early everyday.

Studies say, being tired will actually cause you to decrease your accuracy on school work, make you have negative health outcomes, and refusal to attend school. Exhaustion will cause you to not be able to think as well and it will cause you to learn a task less clearer. Starting school at 7 am isn’t the only thing that is making us kids tired, the amount of studying or long hours on a job can affect your sleeping.