2022 Ramolutions


2022 is looking out to be an interesting year. COVID-19 is on the rise again, abortion may be banned, and cryptocurrency could possibly take over. With all of that in mind, I asked LMHS students about what they’re planning to achieve this intriguing year. Here are the ram’s 2022 resolutions aka ramolutions.

The ram’s are making bank this year. Well at least Kayla L. and Jaime M. are. Kayla ┬ásays, “I’m starting the new year off with a new job so I hope to save a good amount of money this year. Got to get that college fund up.” Jaime continues this idea by saying, “This year I hope to get my first job. It would be convenient for me to have my own source of income rather than have to ask my parents for things.”

We are looking at a more confident year for student’s. Ollie P. and Nyla B. can concur. Ollie says, “This year I want to stay focused on me and only me. I tend to worry about other’s way more than I worry about myself, that’s changing this year.” Nyla echos that by saying, “I want to put more care into myself this year, I feel like it’s the least I deserve after constantly tiring myself out with other people’s problems.”

Our student’s are also getting stronger this year. ┬áKrissy T. is a prime example. She says, “I started my first gym membership in December and it will be coming in handy this year. This extra quarantine weight is going to be gone by the end of this year…hopefully.”

Overall it looks like the ram’s are starting off their year correct. Strength, money, and confidence never did anybody wrong. Let’s hope that our students stay true to their words and live up to their 2022 ramolutions.