Is LMHS a Friendly School?


I hate to be the one to say this, but Lake Mary may not be a friendly school. It’s common to see on social media comments made by Rams that state that many students can be stingy and closed-off.  We decided to conduct a small study to test whether this claim is true.

Junior Alyssa Arroyo states, “I don’t think that Lake Mary is a friendly school. Students here usually keep to themselves and aren’t very welcoming. It isn’t easy to make new friends at a school like this.” Alyssa isn’t the only person who feels this way, Sophomore Hannah Meador says, “I don’t think that Lake Mary is a friendly school. The kids here just don’t talk much unless it is to there close friend group, making is so it is hard to make new friends. Also, I’ve noticed that if you are the slightest bit different from other people then you get bullied.”

Not everyone thinks Lake Mary isn’t a friendly school though. Freshman Layla Holtzapple says, “I think Lake Mary High school is friendly because everyone is always welcoming. There are always people asking how you are, if you need help to class or finding somewhere, and how your experience has been.” Layla isn’t the only one who seems to think Lake Mary is friendly. Sophomore Leah MacLean says, “I think Lake Mary is friendly because the friends I have made here and the teachers I have met have made the environment safe and friendly.”

Layla and Leah aren’t the only one who agrees with thinking LMHS is friendly.  Sophomore Breanna Loulan-Wyche says, “I think LMHS is a friendly school because people in my classes are willing to talk to me and most of the time people include you.” Similar to what Breanna said, Sophomore Sydney Vogt, “I think LMHS is friendly because everyone has always been super nice and easy to make friends with.”

Everyone has a different experience at LMHS. Some people find it very easy to make friends here while others don’t have that same experience.