Man Marries A Hologram – How Is That Relationship Doing?


You can still find love out there. Your bae doesn’t even have to be human. . . yes, hologram love is now a thing.

In 2018, Akihiko Kondo, a man living in Tokyo, made headlines when he “married” a popular virtual character Hatsune Miku. When he proposed to her, she said “I hope you’ll cherish me.” He took that as a win. He has a life-size version of Miku, she’s a “Vocaloid” with blue hair.

In November 2018, Kondo spent some 2 million yen (roughly $17,300) on a wedding with Miku, saying he wanted to give his love for the character concrete form. He says, “I love her and see her as a real woman,” (CBC). You can have simple conversations with her via AI.

Now, we have a few questions about the legibility of this marriage, because, is it really legal to marry a hologram? Now, I’m no legal expert, but we asked around and got the opinion of 2 freshman’s at Lake Mary High School: Tristan Berry and Al’aisha Thompson.

We asked both of them the same questions: How do you think their relationship is going? Should marrying a hologram be legal? And do you think that Akihiko Kondo will cheat on his “wife”?

Al’aisha said she thinks the relationship is going well, she says that if marrying a hologram makes someone happy and that’s what it comes down to, then yes, marrying a hologram should be legal. Lastly, she said that she does think that he will cheat on her.

Next is Tristan Berry. He says the relationship of going “very one-sided”. He also feel that marrying a hologram should be legal, as long as it makes them happy. Finally, he says that he thinks he’s so happy in the relationship that he won’t cheat on her.

Clearly, we’ve seen both sides of this relationship: The side that Akihiko Kondo says, and the side that the public sees. Hopefully, if it’s for the best, they will stay together until one of them grows old.