Mrs. Troia interview


Mrs. Troia is a science teacher. Her classroom is very collaborative and everybody gets along well with one another, so it makes it a better environment to learn. Her class is also very fun, and we do labs often. Mrs. Troia also makes sure all her students are doing okay mentally and will check up on you if you seem down or your not doing your work. I’ve decided to interview her to find out more about her and learn her view on teaching.

Why did you start teaching?:

“I kind of fell into teaching and I stayed in it because I like to build relationships.”

What’s one thing you like about teaching and one thing you dislike?:

“I like teaching science especially and seeing students have that ah ha moment and I enjoy showing students science doesn’t have to be hard it can be fun too, some of my students go from hating science to loving science and that to me is the best part of teaching.” What I dislike about teaching is its stressful there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes that’s stressful.”

What are some methods you use to check for understanding as you teach?:

Constantly asking questions I give homework quizzes and tests but to me I wanna make sure your paying attention and engaged in class”

Describe a troubling student you’ve taught and explain how you got them to turn there grade around?

“I’ve had plenty of troubling students and usually they have stuff going on that’s bothering them and you just have to take the time to talk to them and find out what’s going on and what can motivate them to get them to start working.”

Use three words to describe the energy in your classroom?

“Exciting, collaborative, and fun.” A student than jumped into the interview and talked about how she feels about mrs Troia’s class she said, “I love Mrs. Troia’s class it feels like a family and everyone gets along and works together. Everyone at every table knows each other and at first I didn’t know anyone at my table but through Mrs Troia’s class I can now consider them close friends.