iPhones: Nobody Loves You When You Are Green


Google just reported Apple as a school bully. Yes, Google is complaining that Apple is bullying their teen Android users because Android texts show up as an icky green on iMessage. It’s a problem any Android user is well aware of.  Youtube even has videos titled, “If you use Android, girls will never talk to you.”  Android kids complain about being kicked out of group messages because they are green in texts.  It’s a problem.

Some people post on their stories not to hit them up if they have an android because of the message color. I was going to interview people with an android but nobody has an android, but I did ask a few people why is android is bad and most of them said because of the text message color.

Some people are calling Apple a bully because of it.  What would happen if a group at school started excluding a kid because of the way he dressed or what type of car he drove?  What if they constantly reminded the kid that he was less than?  You can bet that admin would likely punish the bully.  Is Apple sorta doing the same thing?

One anonymous Ram said, “The message color of an android is kinda ugly.”   It’s making people wonder if the ugliness was done on purpose by a bullying Apple corporation.