Opinions: AP Classes Vs Dual Enrollment


Students at Lake Mary High School always have the debate on what they should do for classes to get college credit. AP classes give you a GPA boost and a college credit… ONLY if you pass the final exam at the end of the year. Students will take dual enrollment to get college credit without having to worry about the final exam. You can take the class online or after school and go to the campus. Both of these classes will get you college credit and help your GPA in the future.

Matthew a senior said, “Dual enrollment I believe is SOOOOOOO MUCHHH better than AP classes. They are much easier and I do not feel as pressured and stressed to complete the class. Thee test and teachers are much easier on Dual Enrollment. AP classes also have final year exams and if you do not pass that then you get no college credit.”

Harriett a junior said, “I take AP classes but wish I did dual enrollment instead because of the amount of stress and work AP gives you. I think some AP classes are better than others and can be helpful but they give out a lot of work and it takes up a lot of my day. I think if you need to make a decision dual enrollment is better.”

Jake a junior said, ” I am taking dual enrollment next year and not AP because I want college credit but not the stress AP brings to you and the homework. If you are a busy person after school also then dual enrollment would be so much better than the stress of AP homework.”

Julia a Junior said, ” I take AP and if you can manage your time well and take AP classes that YOU ENJOY then they are fine I think. Dual enrollment if you don’t do well it goes onto your college transcript and to your high school grade.”