Russia Ukraine War

Russia Ukraine War

It marks a week since Russia has declared war on Ukraine and here is how it is going.


As of now the Russians have lost over 4,300 soldiers and are have failed to take air control or total control of any of Ukraine’s major city’s.  Russia has not yet shown there full capacity in this war however, as of currently they are in a gruesome battle with Ukraine who are standing there own and are doing very well.


With all of the sanctions that Russia has been given their currency, the rubble, has hit an all time low and their economy has completely crashed. Very few international flights are available in and out of the country as sanctions have been put onto flights and thousands of Russian residents are fleeing the country as they are not in support of the war. Over 6000 have been detained/arrested for protesting the war.


The country of Ukraine has given it their all in this war holding their ground to the fullest. They have held the capital and all major cities and are beating up the Russian army pretty well at the moment using gorilla warfare tactics and getting all the men in the country involved. The Ukraine government has clearly stated that anyone that is willing to fight is welcome to, and that is exactly what the men and women of Ukraine are doing. They are staying instead of evacuating and they are fighting for there country and so far they are succeeding.


As of right Ukraine is winning the war however this is just the beginning and they will eventually take over and have control fully of the country when they unleash their entire army. But at what price is the question, how many blows to their economy and casualties are they willing to sacrifice before they begin peace talks or withdrawal from the war completely.


Once Putin takes control of the Ukraine what he decides to do next is very important. If he chooses to do nothing and just conquer Ukraine their will likely be no other countries involved however if he decides to invade and attack any countries under NATO, there will be an all out war between Russia and NATO and will likely start World War III.


Everyones thoughts and prayers are going out to Ukraine hoping for a peaceful ending to the war.