Why people Like Killing Animals


No, I’m not crazy.  I’m hungry. Hunting isn’t just for fun like most people think it is. Even though there is a lot of fun in it, the main reason for hunting is for the meat and population control for most people. Its just a good feeling when you harvest your own meat. It also gets you outside in nature and see different wildlife. Hunting can also be a challenge which is another big reason people hunt because it gives you a sense of accomplishment and huge adrenaline rush when you harvest big game like deer, elk, moose, hog and many others. And their meet is really good.

A lot of people also don’t just hunt for the meat or adrenaline rushes, they also do it to protect their farm animals or if it’s an invasive species. One example is coyotes, they will get into peoples chicken coops and eat all the chickens. If a hunter ever sees a coyote than most likely they will kill it. And coyotes are year round in most states so you don’t have to worry about any regulations while hunting them. But hunting always has some sort of regulations, whether it may be size limits, bag limits, what times you can hunt, and of course how long the different seasons last.

Any season is hard but archery is one of the hardest seasons, and thats why a lot of people like archery because its more of a challenge than with a gun that has a scope. A lot of bird seasons like dove and duck can also be hard because they are small and fly fast, but they have really good meat so a lot of people hunt them. But turkey season is especially hard because turkeys are really slow when they walk, so that requires a lot of patience. But some people like the waiting. People also like public land hunting which is where you usually go to a wildlife management and hunt there, a lot of people like that because sometimes that land can have a lot more game on it, or if you don’t have your own land you can hunt on.

Another reason people like hunting is because they like to get out in nature. It’s just so nice whether you’re in the woods, on the water, in a field, or anything else and you don’t have to worry about anything. People also feel a sense of accomplishment when they harvest something, especially when it’s a challenge for them.