Your Mental Health Needs Improvement.


Can you improve your mental health? Yes you can, don’t be silly. I’m going to tell you the ways that you can achieve a healthy mind.

Currently the teenagers are suffering several mental disorders due to the lack of the right care of mental health. But even though this is not a scientific article we have to know what a good mental health is, and surprisingly is not what they teach us in school, like to be so positive all the time or be happy. A good mental health is when you feel fulfill, when you have the ability to learn, to feel and to express your emotions.

There is a few things you can do to improve your mental health for example, hanging out with friends you feel comfortable with will released the stress from your blood levels, go on a walk alone to clear your mind is also helpful. There are also things that you can do to feel better that is not so “calm” like go to an empty lot and just scream, or do an aggressive painting or things the you enjoy that simply will make you feel better.

Because even though we don’t have stress factors in our life, school is the most pressuring thing to overcome sometimes and having a healthy “escape” from it improve mental health.

A few tips you can do to improve your daily life are: journaling our feelings, waking up early, even changing your diet, reading, take naps and give yourself a break! Because sometimes is the only thing you need.

Because take in mind that the only thing you need to change your mental health is the willingness to do something about it.