Markel Jones Interview


Markel Jones is currently a junior and is a two sport athlete. Markel is a big part of the varsity football team and the boys track team as well. He had a outstanding football season and is our star wide receiver scoring 10 touchdowns and 802 receiving yards. Not only is he a dominate football player he’s also an elite track star and holds the school record for the 300m hurdles and is our top guy for the 400 and 800 meter race. Markel wasn’t always a good athlete he first started playing football when he was 8 years old following the foot steps of his two older brothers. He played for the sanford sharks where his first season he wasn’t vary good but he fell in love with the sport and decided to keep working towards it. throughout his youth and middle school seasons he always wanted to play wide receiver but his coach forced him to play safety thinking he wouldn’t be any good on offense. It wasn’t until his freshman year he got the chance to play receiver where he proved he can be good at it. For track and field he first started in 7th grade and realized that he had more talents other than football and decided to do both going forward.

Whats your favorite part about playing football? “My favorite part about football is the energy from the crowd make me more hyped.” What’s your favorite event in track and field? “300m hurdles because the time and work I put into it shows at the meets and its my best event.” Is it ever difficult for you to manage playing both sports? “It is difficult to manage both because I miss most of spring football practice to focus on track.” Which sport do you like better? “I get this question a lot and I love both sports but if I had to choose it’d be track.” What are your goals going into your senior year for football and track? “My goal for football is to get 1,000 recieving yards, and for track I wanna win states.” How far do you see yourself taking your athletic career? “I see myself going to a division 1 college.” If you plan on attending college which sport do you plan on playing or even both? “I would try to do both but if only one than track.” What makes you different from other athletes? “The work I do outside of practice that nobody see’s and my work ethic is to get the job done no matter the situation.” What advice would you give any underclassman or incoming freshman who wants to play football but isn’t sure of its for them? “Would tell them if you work hard for what you want the talent will come but if you just dream about it won’t help if your serious than try it.”