Who Is Playing Wordle?

Who Is Playing Wordle?

Quiz games are traditionally the realm of old ladies and nerds. Think Yahtzee, bingo and Sudoku. Wordle may be the game to buck this trend. Why is Wordle so addictive?  What is Wordle? We roamed the halls of Lake Mary to find out.


What is Wordle? The rules of Wordle are fairly simple. You are given six chances to guess a five letter word that changes daily. Whenever you guess a word the letters in the word will either appear yellow, grey, or green. Yellow means the letter is in the word but not in the correct spot, green means the letter is in the word and in the correct spot, and grey means the letter is not in the word at all. The objective of the game is to guess the word in the least amount of guesses.


Wordle is a very new game that was first released in October of 2021. At the start of the game it received approximately 500,000 users, however ever since February there users have increased immensely bringing in approximately 10 million daily users. The game has been grew into an internet sensation in what seems like overnight, this is greatly due to social media. On social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and twitter users have posted their Wordle results which in my opinion has gained the game more users.


Why is Wordle so addictive? Wordle has become so addictive for users that play on the daily because it is a competition. Many users compete with friends or family to see how quickly they can get the Wordle, and since their is only one Wordle per day it has become something users look forward to.


When I asked freshman Justin Batillo why the game has become so addictive he said, “The game is so addictive because it’s a challenge that makes you feel accomplished when you finally get the word right”

When I asked sophomore Aiden Sless he said, “I have a group text chain with my family and whoever gets it the fastest wins and the game has become something that my family and I play pretty much every day”


The game is something that will be around for in my opinion years to come because the game is for all ages, it doesn’t have a target age group and is free to play. The game is most commonly played on the New York Times website.