Why Is School So Darn Difficult Now?

Why Is School So Darn Difficult Now?

We have only 8 weeks to go at the time of this article. Most of us can’t wait. What has made this year so darn difficult? Is it covid?  Is it Ukraine?  Is it something else?  No one can deny that Lake Mary’s rage has been at a high this year. I’ll be going around the school asking some of my friends some things in school or about school sucks and why. Here are the 4 stresses that Rams say top the list:


The Students:

1- “The students because everyone always seems to bring each other down. It could either be about drama with friends or dealing with bullying. How there’s always drama with your friend groups and it’s super stressful. Bullying keeps getting worse and worse. I could walk in the halls and see people making fun of someone or even trying to pick a fight with them. Especially fights. These school fights are really bad. If you bump into the wrong person they are most likely to fight you just for something so little. Sometimes I wish it could be a normal day without any fights, drama, or teachers being rude to the students.” – Sky M


School Work:

2- “The work can be really stressful sometimes. Most of the time it is not the actual work its how the teachers assign it. Last Monday I had a really long assignment due in 4 days and I really believe that it isn’t enough time because at the end of the day I have so much other work too. When students get home they don’t go straight to work. No, they relax because they’ve been in school for so long already doing so much work. We have 7 assignments every day sometimes even way more that are all due on Friday night. Teachers need to understand that students need a break. We have so much going on and some don’t believe that because we are “too young”. Do better.” – Ash B



3-“The bathrooms because either there is never any toilet paper, no paper towels, or no soap. The kids put food in the toilet and write on the walls. A lot of times there are people crowding the bathrooms so you can’t even get into the bathroom stall. Also, there are people who eat in the bathroom and throw their garbage on the floors or toilets. Sometimes some of the toilets aren’t even useable so there is a long line which causes you to be out of class for a long time and if one of them has a long line then the other ones have a long line as well. Also if there isn’t any soap in the bathroom, you try to go to a different bathroom and there isn’t any soap in it either and there is still a pandemic going on and people are still getting sick.”- Hadyn A


4-“The food sucks. There is a complete lack of flavor and texture in all food. When you’re at school you are hungry and most of the time you don’t or can’t bring any food from home so you rely on school food but when it tastes like bland jail food, you learn to not rely on it. Honestly, it could be compared to frozen meals that you could get in a grocery store. I’d rather bring frozen food and heat it up myself rather than eat there. It is a complete waste of resources and there are great examples of what should be done in other parts of the world.” – Chloe C