Why is TikTok so Addictive?


Crack, heroin, crystal meth: all highly addictive. Lake Mary students are using too.  Yes, we’re addicted to Tik-Tok. It’s not a joke though that any addiction can have long term negative consequences for those who are addicted. Addiction to drugs have immediate effects such as job loss, but can Tik-Tok have long term negative effects. Several experts say yes.

The main negative effect is something called opportunity cost.  This is the measure of what you might have done with your life, but haven’t. If you are stuck on a device for six hours a day, how many friendships have you missed out on?  How many potential relationships?  How many moments spent with friends and loved ones?

Some experts believe that TikTok’s algorithm can promote content related to depression, anxiety, and eating disorders, according to CBS news.