Fall Sports Might Just Kill You


Volleyball, cheer, wrestling, football, cross country. These sports start really early in the year when most people aren’t even used to their classes yet. How do these over-achievers handle the stress?

Q: Is it hard to maintain relationships while playing sports?

Jacob Goodwin (football)-“No, it usually isn’t hard to as long as the other person is understanding.”

Alex Strzalkowski (cheer)-“I don’t do relationships.”

Quinn Mcintyre (wrestling)- “Yes, it is hard because managing sports, homework, clubs, and other extra circulars becomes overwhelming. I have lost friends and relationships over it.”

Q: Have you ever secretly cried yourself to sleep because your sport?

Alex Strzalkowski (cheer)- “School cheer hasn’t made me, but I have for competition cheer.”

Quinn Mcintrye (wrestling)-“Yes, I put a lot of pressure on myself to do well in my sports which leads to disappointment.”

Q: Have you ever thought about quitting? Why?

Jacob Goodwin (football)-“Yes, I have before because of how much time it takes up.”

Alex Strzalkowski- “Yes, I can’t though because my mom makes me do it.”

Quinn Mcintyre (wrestling)- “Yes, it is stressful and time consuming.”

Q:What are you looking forward to most this season?

Jacob Goodwin (football)- “I am looking forward to playing in games. The atmosphere and fans are amazing.”

Quinn Mcintrye (wrestling)- “I am looking forward to learning new moves and becoming closer with my teammates.”

Fall sports are in full force and the players are facing a lot of pressure to not disappoint their team or themselves. They will face a lot of ups and downs this season, but in the end the atmosphere, the friends they will make, and the experience they will gain will make all of the hard work worth it.