Acrylic Nails Or Natural Nails?

Acrylic Nails Or Natural Nails?

As we all know many girls like to have their nails done. Weather it’s long acrylic nails or short or medium length we all see plenty of girls with them done, But how many girls really prefer acrylic nails over natural nails??

I spoke to Savanah and her opinion on it was “Both because sometimes I want a little pop.”

Julian said ” Natural because your nails won’t break and I don’t have to spend money like crazy fixing that one nail.” Which he has a good point because if one of your acrylic nails break you have to spend money to get it fixed when you could just have your natural ones for free.

Overall, it’s 50/50 it’s good to have acrylic nails because of how they look and the length you can get and all the different options there is to have but having natural nails is cheaper you spend less money you have a lesser chance of breaking your nail and you could do whatever you want with them for a way cheaper price than it would be for acrylics. Everybody has their own preferences either way both are very good options I don’t think there’s a win or lose in this situation.

In my own opinion I think it’s nicer to have acrylic nails because you can get them done in all types of designs and  you don’t have to be like anybody else. But if you prefer to have natural nails nothings wrong with that either because you could paint those and depending on how long you natural nails tend to grow you could also do some designs on those too. Another good thing about acrylic nails is that you can actually learn how to do them yourself, then you can do your own manicure at home without it being as expensive as it would going to the nail salon. If you had to make a choice between the two what would you choose ????