Don’t Go to College?


I have no intention of ever going to college and that’s just fine. College just isn’t for me, and thats okay. There are so many jobs that don’t require a college degree such as realtors, hairstylists, makeup artist, and so many more. People think that if you want to leave a stable life style you have to get a degree but a person can make more in a job that requires no education. I asked a few upper class-men their opinion on this topic.

There are so many jobs someone can get just for going to cosmetology school for 1-2 years. Such as, Hairstylist, makeup artist, nail technician, and esthetician. Depending on how you run your business and treat your clients you can either be very successful or not at all. Most very successful hairstylists make around 60-80 thousand a year, but some hairstylists are able to work for big celebritys and are making up to 380 thousand a year.

Q- Do you think college is necessary?

“It depends on what you want to do with your life. Some jobs require a degree while others don’t. I don’t think it is necessary but it definitley depends.” -Kylee Szabo

“Yes because what I want to do requires a college degree”- Hannah Meador

” No their are so many options that allows a person to live a stable life style” -Ellis Wood

Q-  Do you think people that don’t go to college can be successful?

” I think being successful is harder if you don’t go to college but I think that people can be just as successful without college” – Aliyah Ganas

“Yes because there are many options like trade school”- Hannah Meador

” I feel like it depends because jobs like hairstylists can fall through very fast” -Ellis Wood

Q- Do you think parents have a hard time accepting there kid doesn’t want to go to college?

” It depends on the parents views” – Hannah Meador

” I think that many parents would be upset for a while but they would realize they need to support their kid in what they want to do” – Makenzie Blais

There are many mixed emotions on if college is necessary or not. Not everyone has to agree, going to college is a personal preference and other people shouldn’t make you feel bad about not going. There are tons of people who don’t go to college who end up way more success than people who do. So if your closing in on your high school years  and don’t know where to go to college… just don’t go.