How Can You Find a Hoco Date?


Finding a homecoming date can be a painful part of the year, so how can it be less gruesome?  When finding a homecoming date, you first should make sure that you will not be a bad date. To start your going to want to find your target – this could be a friend, crush, or random stranger off the street. Next, you’re going to want to ask around and find out what they’re into. All so you can pretend to be their perfect date.

To help you out, I asked LMHS students “What makes someone a good hoco date?” One potential candidate said “being funny and having good hygiene will always help.” Another said “You have to be interesting, I don’t want to go to hoco with a dud.” Therefore, make sure you shower, brush your teeth, and have personality.

Sounds easy right? Wrong! Many people struggle with personality. So here’s some more tips from LMHS students. One said “Make sure you are confident. There’s no way you will be fun to be around if you’re constantly doubting yourself.” Some others said “be able to hold a conversation!! Nobody, and I mean Nobody wants to be constantly starting the conversation.” “Be Interesting!” said another.  These are essentially useless answers, so it’s really a coin toss as to whether you have chemistry with someone, but you’ll never know unless you give it a try. So get out there and mingle.

If you follow these LMHS student tips, you should be able to find yourself a date that’s definitely out of you’re league.