Your Relationship is Boring


If hanging out with your significant other involves cuddling, watching movies, or doing homework, you are just like every high school relationship ever. Boring. The exciting, fun, and spontaneous era of relationships has gone extinct.

High school relationships are similar to an old marry couple according to Naomi Long. Naomi and her boyfriend have been dating for over a year and have had many ups and downs. She says that “At the beginning of our relationship we would go out and do stuff every time we hung out, but now we just want quality time together and watch movies.”

Janessa Burgos has only been dating her boyfriend for four months and is on the more adventures side of high school relationships. She said that “We don’t hang out that much, but we tend to go do stuff when we are able too. We have gone ice skating, to elevate, and to topgolf.” Unlike Naomi, Janessa has been dating her boyfriend for a shorter period of time which affects the things they do. When you hang out with someone a lot there becomes less things available to do.

Couples losing their adventures side isn’t the end of the boringness that comes along with relationships. Men start to become less appreciative and spontaneous with their significant other. The flowers, gifts, and compliments slowly come to a halt. With homecoming around the corner it’s a perfect time to step up your game.

Ariel Cruz felt like the only girl in the world when she got asked to homecoming in the middle of the halls. She said that “He got me my favorite candy, chick-fil-a, flowers, a cute sign, and my favorite chips.” The effort he put into the proposal will never be forgotten and should be done by everyone. That feeling should be worth more than just a text or phone call.

Relationships are starting to trend downward. Men are doing the bare minimum and women are putting up with it. Relationships should be filled of fun and exciting memories that will be remembered forever. Both men and women need to step up their game if they want to see their relationship last more than a few months.