When will GTA 6 get released


The popular franchise GTA was an award winning video game and seller, The first game was originally released in October 21 1997. Today the popular GTA 5 is still one of the greatest games to have been made, however, They started working on the next game GTA 6 2014, that is nearly 10 years that it has been in the works. The community has grown impatient due to how long it has been, and without any updates from the developers themself (rockstar games) the community has no clue when the game will be released or even if it has been canceled. The highly-anticipated sequel to one of most successful games of all time has a lot to live up to. GTA 5 sold nearly 110 million copies and crashed the epic gamestore when it was given out as a weekly freebie, but we’re still waiting to hear exactly what the sequel is and when we can get it. After  years of speculation and rumors, GTA 6 is starting to seem a lot more real, in part thanks to Rockstar finally confirming in February 2022 that it’s working on the next GTA game. In September, a massive in-development gameplay footage leak seemed to confirm some of the more popular rumors circulating throughout the year. It may still be far away, but GTA 6 is very much in progress.