Is Lake Mary Football Having A Bad Season?


Lake Mary Highschool is known for their fierce, powerful football team. But this season It doesn’t look to bright, After loosing to Apopka 21-17 and getting crushed by our rival Seminole 43-6, this season isn’t looking too good. I interviewed one of lake Mary’s students Kat Bessette and got an inside look of how she feels this season is going.

Q: Do you think we can battle back and make it to states? 

A: I defiantly think that its possible, but I’m not sure how many more games are left, which limits the opportunities to get better and better.

Q: Do you think this Friday could be our last game of the season?

A: I think it very well could be because if we loose this game we are done for the reason and Mainland is a pretty strong team so I’m not sure what the faceoff is gonna look like between these two teams but I hope the Rams come out on top, I don’t want our season to be cut short.

Q: Do you think we had A chance at beating Seminole?

A: I think we defiantly did, I just think we got in our own heads, and hyped ourselves up way too much and when we realized they are actually good, we were screwed.