Ban Disney Live Action Remakes!!!


There has been a lot of discourse going around about Halle Bailey, a black actress, being casted as the stereotypically white Ariel lately. This shouldn’t be your main concern. We should be more worried about who asked for a live action “The Little Mermaid”? Better yet, who asked for any of these Disney Live Action Remakes?

Disney has said that they make these remakes to connect their classic stories with the newer generation of kids. They do know that the newer generation of kids can and still are watching the old animated movies…right? This company literally made a streaming service that includes all of their old animated movies. Newer kids don’t need these live action remakes to discover these fairytales.

If these are the versions of Aladdin, Cinderella, etc that the new generation have to watch…poor them.┬áThe live action remakes don’t capture the magical essence of their animated counterparts. Two rams were asked about how they thought the live action remakes compared to their animated version. Sophomore Chloe C. said, “I feel like these stories look scary with the live action format. For example, the beast gradually looked softer in the animated movie. In the live action however, he just looks terrifying the whole time.” Senior Krissy T. said, ” I feel like the live action remakes take away from the fun. “The Lion King” remake is the prime example of this. While watching it the only thing I could focus on was the fact that this realistic lion with Beyonce’s voice is talking.”

Moral of the story, Disney has too much money and doesn’t know what to do with it. With the billions of dollars this company has you’d think that they’d invest in new stories to tell. They refuse to do that. It looks as if Disney is going to continue remaking every successful animated movie they have ever made. It’s sad that the newer generation don’t get their own stories but if these live action remakes continue making so much money, we won’t see them going away anytime soon.