Is Taylor Swift Overrated?


With how many people cried over Taylor Swift’s tour tickets, you would think that her music would be amazing. However, her music only seems to be about her past boy troubles. If all you like to think about is sappy sob stories than she might be a god in your eyes. Many people would say that there are far better options out there. Taylor Swift is simply overrated.

With so many people having different opinions on Taylor Swift: either being she is a total god, or in their opinion, “one of the worst artists.” I decided to ask LMHS students their opinions. One said, “old Taylor was good, but after the situation with Jake Gyllenhaal I started to not like her music as much. Her songs were all messy in a way.” Another said “Taylor is a messy person. All her songs focus on guys, and I can only listen to so much about it.”

However, Ms.Porcher would not only disagree with theses statements, but start a huge debate, for a grade, with zero chance of an A, for saying such horrid things about Taylor. Porcher is a prime example of someone who thinks of Taylor as a God and could come up with millions of good things and ways to defend her.

But who is right here? Both Porcher and LMHS students could disagree all they want on Taylor. In the end, whether or not Taylor Swift is overrated is just a matter of opinion.