FLVS Vs In Person School


Sleeping in is pretty good, but I also don’t want to be friendless.  FLVS or regular school is a decision many of us must make. Both have their ups and downs. Many kids now take a few classes online and the rest in person. Lots of kids take online classes because they are easier and you can cheat. But will you remember to work on the class, staying on track when FLVS is self paced is the hardest part.

Is online hard to keep up with?

Hannah Meador- “Not really, but sometimes i forget to fo it because regular school and life gets in the way.”

Allison Dole- “Yes, because of all homework on top of it i forget and its easy to put it off.”

Whats the biggest difference between school and FLVS?

Hannah Meador- “You get to be self paced when you do FLVS.”

Allison Dole- “The social aspect.”

Would you go fully online?Why?

Hannah Meador- “No, because I like having friends, building connections, and being held accountable.”

Allison dole- “yes, i loove being self paced but i would miss my friends and school activities.”

In conclusion, it is all personal preference and depends on ones prefered learning style. Either way you are getting an education.