Cool Non-Online Spots for the Cool Kids


If you can tear yourself away from Tik-Tok or your PS5, there are actually a few things that you could be doing with your time as an alternative to online. Here are the Lake Mary Go-To destinations:

THE MALL – EVERYONE GOES HERE. Especially Altamonte mall. If you go there after school or even on the weekends, you’ll surely bump into your crush. Walking around with your friends, you will bump into the friend you told you was “too busy to hang out”. AWKWARD.

 AMSTAR MOVIES – Go to the movies with your partner and not watch the movie. Yeah, we know. Pretty nice area to be with your friends. There are lots of shops and restaurants in that area. Even a Boba and Café’ spot. Can’t choose a milk tea or an iced chai? GET BOTH. Who cares. The Café there is super cute and cozy and really nice service. Go ahead and take your “Aesthetic” pictures. Anyways I would say me and my friend Anna love it there.

Chick-fil-a – This is the spot. If you don’t go here you’re weird. Just kidding. Chick-fil-a is the spot every hungry freshman goes to. They are always super packed so I wouldn’t get mad if you didn’t get your kid’s meal bud.

New Smyrna Beach — well, after Hurricane Ian, maybe not so much.  Well, there used to be a beach here.  Global warming has not been kind to our dear friend NSB though.

Starbucks – This is for the ones who don’t have good Wi-fi, so they use up Starbucks. You always find someone there from school. All of the girls go after school with their new car and their friends, to get an iced chai or iced caramel macchiato. I totally don’t get the same drink… But mainly you see all the people in there doing work, on a business call, with their friends, and drinking an iced coffee.

Bed – This is for the kids who rather sleep and relax, but hey, I get you. At least try and get some work done if you’re gonna stay at home all day psh.

Best friend’s house – The most comfortable place, your best friend’s house.  You wonder why they tell you to leave. They actually enjoy your company but like clean up your mess, it’s gross. Their mother always cooks them food and serves them like a mother. She may or may not love you more than her own child.