Has the fame gotten to bad bunny?


It isn’t recent news that bad bunny has been blowing up after his album “Un Verano Sin Ti”. He’s gained millions of fans since then but after certain events he’s losing supporters left and right. There’s multiple videos going around of bad bunny throwing fans phones aggressively. People are debating whether it was a justified action or utter disrespect.

Some bad bunny fans are defending him because he is known as a casual and sociable public figure. People also say the fan of the controversy was “invading” his privacy. They believe that whether you are a celebrity or not, anyone would be uncomfortable having a phone shoved in their face. They acknowledge that bad bunny has the right to live as a regular person with his privacy and feelings considered. 

On the other hand, the majority of social media doesn’t approve of this outcome. Many say that since he is a celebrity, he should expect all of this attention when being out in public. People feel as though bad bunny could have handled the situation more cordial rather than physically. Many also call him hypocritical saying that he picks and chooses who he lets invade his privacy.

In conclusion, bad bunny goes by his album “YHLQMDLG” “i do whatever I want”. he was reflected by his response on twitter by not apologizing or taking accountability. He expresses he considers the situation as it is, disrespect and he will return it equally. Do you think his actions are understandable or inexcusable?