The Downfall of Marvel


At one point in time, Marvel was undoubtedly the best franchise out there. Nowadays, that statement can’t be said as confidently. It’s not that Marvel went away, the company is more active than ever. That’s the problem. With so much content coming out, it’s hard not to believe that the company is valuing quantity over quality. Marvel just doesn’t hit the same anymore.

The change in the companies content became clear after “Spider-Man: Far from Home”, the last movie of phase 3. It was phase 4 that brought many changes, the biggest of which was the addition of Marvel shows on Disney +. Prior to these shows, fans had to keep up with just 2-3 movies a year. Nowadays fans have to keep up with 2-3 movies and 2-3 tv shows a year. Nobody has time for all of that.

Two LMHS rams were questioned on their opinions of the growing Marvel content. Senior Krissy T. said, “I don’t think Marvel made the right decision by expanding the MCU to Disney+ shows. As somebody who used to be a casual Marvel fan, it’s now impossible to be a casual Marvel fan. There’s just too much to keep up with.” Senior Sarah K. disagrees by saying, “I like having more Marvel content. While I would agree that the content nowadays has decreased in quality, I don’t think that makes the newer content inherently bad.”

Overall, almost everyone can agree that recent Marvel content isn’t as good as it once was. Even Marvel itself has seemed to realize this as they have promised to slow down on their content. It seems as though they have finally realized that consumers are suffering Marvel fatigue. We’ll have to see how phase 5 is handled after the many criticisms phase 4 has faced.