The Most Annoying Traits of Teenage Boys


Teenage boys have many annoying traits that really make you think about what they are thinking. They do things that make you question everything and why they do some of the things they do. Sometimes they make you really wonder if they think about anything at all. Almost every girl has had at least one bad experience with a teenage boy, there is no way to escape them. Although there are some boys that are truly doing their best and don’t intend to purposely hurt you, girls will always still shed tears over the stupid things boys do. Based on my personal experiences and some other girl’s experiences in Lake Mary, I’m going to give you the top most annoying trait teenage boys have. 

Number one has to be when they don’t think about consequences for their actions. They do something stupid then you ask why they did it and their number one answer is “I don’t know”. Saying “I don’t know” to a girl is possibly one of the worst things you could ever do. Teenage boys will also always say “I didn’t know that would happen”, as if that thing doesn’t happen every time. It’s not hard to think about the effect before you do something, it really doesn’t take a lot of effort. This leads on to the next annoying trait, not knowing where they want to go eat. For most girls they want someone who tells them “we’re going to get dinner tonight”, then you guys get in the car and he drives to a restaurant he already had in mind. A lot of girls don’t want to sit in a car for 20 minutes trying to decide where to go eat at.  

Another big annoying trait, when you have to tell them you want something. I get that boys can’t read minds and don’t exactly always know what we want. But almost every girl wants things like flowers, candy, or notes, these are things that boys should give girls without girls having to tell them. It’s not as special when you get flowers but you already asked for flowers. Girls love it when boys get them something that they didn’t necessarily ask for but will love, like flowers. Cute simple things like notes, flowers, candy and almost any gift will mean the world to a girl, especially when they don’t ask for it. It lets them know that you’re thinking about them and care for them.

The next thing is their friends. Not their friends in general but the influence that they have on them. Almost every teenage boy friend group is an exact copy of each other. If your talking to a teenage boy and your not on their friends good side, you will not have a good time. Most stupid decisions boys make comes from their friends stupid ideas, and they almost always go along with it. This also leads on to when boys decide they don’t want a relationship after treating you like a girlfriend for months. You could spend every day talking to them and sharing things about each other, go on dates, and telling you that they really like you, then all of the sudden they end it and say they don’t want a relationship. “I just don’t wanna waste your time” he says, even though he already wasted a month or two of my time.

I’ve interviewed a couple girls around school what they thought the most annoying traits of teenage boys were. “Their ego” says Madelyn Bakker, This is very true. Boys walk around like they are the hottest, funniest, smartest person ever. Which is never true, they think they are good at everything then they tell you that you basically suck at everything. Mia Liaises says “Their stupidity”. This goes back to my number one most annoying trait, boys not thinking about the consequences to their actions. They think they can get away with everything, but in reality they almost never do. Girls can find out anything. “How immature they are” says Sydney Petriccione. Boys make jokes and act like they are 8 years old. It’s like their brains got stuck in middle school but everything else kept growing up. Julia Berzovich says “When they think nothing you say is funny”. This relates to teenage boys having a big ego. Boys want girls to think that there is no way they can be funny. If they laugh at a girls joke then suddenly they become a simp, they don’t want to hurt their ego.

To sum it all up, boys are pretty stupid and immature. They don’t really pay attention or think about a lot of things. They’re friends have too much of an influence on them and if they do something nice for a girl they get made fun of. Although, they are some teenage boys out there who are a little less stupid and care just a little bit more.