Better off in the past?


There are tons of trends that come everyday everywhere all around the world. Some may be new while others may be from the past, should some of these trends stay in the past or should we bring them alive again.

To start off there were a lot of shoe come backs. The Uggs were oe of the biggest shoes that made a comeback considering the ugg boots were the big thing towards the end of the 90’s and now Uggs are seen everywhere but now its the slipper style that you see everywhere you go. Another big comeback were crocs they came alive in the early 2000’s and throughout the years there was a ton of controversy a bout the topic wether they were worth all the hype considering there very unique style. Tons of people wear them to this day and love the comfort of them and how simple they are to wear. We all know the controversial idea about if crocs slap or not but they definitely made a comeback over the years. Although they have the comfort factor are the looks worse and not worth it? Another thing that in under estimated for how long they’ve been around are the famous Birkenstocks. They have the original slide style that is still trending and being worn to this day since 1774.

Now to the clothes that made a comeback to the fashion industry today. One big thing that made a huge comeback are flare and bellbottoms jeans. They made a comeback from the mid 60’s and are now a big fashion trend in our present time. Another big fashion trend that made a comeback are corsets. They were very big in the 1830’s and no one thought these would ever make a comeback from the past but it was just that, that happened. Corsets made a comeback especially in social media and Tik Tok and this is were the corset trend resurrected. ¬†Then corset trend is a painful trend and why it was brought back is still a mystery. The next fashion trend that made a comeback is more on the recent side of time, baggy jeans were popular in the 1990’s then skinny jeans came in and took the spotlight for quite some time and now baggy jeans are back to take the spotlight.

Lets hear what others have to say about these trends! 

“I like crocs they are comfortable and have many styles. I also like how I can customize them and put little jibbetza on them.” – Arba Juniku

“I like Uggs because they are super comfortable and I can wear them with everything.” – Addison Curtis


Its safe to say some of these trends make a huge successful comeback while some others should have stayed in the past.