Don’t Stress High School, It’s Probably Not Real Anyway


      According to Elon Musk, we are almost certainly living in a simulation. He even predicts the odds to be around fifty percent — a flip of a coin. Considering that nearly every team suffers from anxiety, depression, low self esteem and other mental afflictions, this might not be the best news to hear.  Yet, change your perspective a little and it can be relieving. 

      To be fair, reality makes no sense, the most popular theory of how the universe started is The Big Bang theory, which basically makes no sense. There was nothing, then foam, but the foam isn’t doing foam things, it’s just there; then a bang, then there was a universe and now it just keeps expanding. That being said, it’s senseless.

     The one explanation for life that makes sense is that life, the universe and everything that makes sense, in light of quantum mechanics, is that we’re living inside a supercomputer. There’s a high chance we are living in a simulation inside a computer, with the rate of technology we could just be a vr simulation. Graphics have gotten so good to the point they’re almost photorealistic, and in such a short amount of time. What we are in right now, is so-called reality, if it’s a simulation it can be as simple as this; we’ve gotten so good at technology that we are able to render fake realities to see how specific scenarios play out. Like creating new life but it’s not all “real” like today’s AI. So, for example it could be a simulation on how kids back in the day (aka 2023) did their social media essays, for another kid in a non simulated reality for their essay. That being said, don’t stress life too much, if we are simulated its prob for the best.