How To Be Timeless in Your Fashion


Most people have a style that is as stale as yesterday’s doughnut.  It’s possible to be fresh and stylish every day if you take a few tips from yours truly. Many styles have come and gone. But, a few have stayed. Some things like Scrunchies, bircks, Bell Bottoms,Uggs and Crop Tops. Most people just buy these things because everyone else is wearing them. Even I still wear most of these things.


To  start I interviewed people on what trends they think are timeless.

-“hoodies have stayed never gone out of style”-Alanna Belinger 

-“ I see a bunch of people at lake Mary wearing birckenstocks everyday”-Arba Juniku

-“ oversized sweaters will always be timeless-Victoria Holden


What fashion trends are still popular?

-“fashion trends that are still popular are Baggy jeans and lose rose jeans”-Victoria Holden 

-Flare jeans are a big thing still and have stayed over the years-Alanna Belinger 


Overall, many people are still stuck on most of the same fashion things. Everyone had says