Why Pinterest Is Actually A Good App


You’ve probably heard of Pinterest, the app middle aged moms use for food recipes, right? If not, it’s an app where you have posts called pins, and you put them into these boxes called boards, you can make any board you want and you can also post. Well, even though a lot of middle aged moms use Pinterest, there’s a lot of other people that also use it, and it’s a pretty entertaining app. Some examples of what a lot of people use it for are clothes inspiration, wallpaper backgrounds, places they would like to travel and more. There’s an endless amount of pins to see and it’s so fun to create boards, the app is also pretty easy to navigate and get used to. You can follow people/get followed, message people, and you can even create a group board where multiple people post on, there’s no limit to how many people can be on the board. Pinterest also has story like posts, where you can see the amount of likes it got, on normal pins you can’t see that. You can choose if you want to have a personal account or a creator account. In creator account you can see how many monthly views you get on your profile and posts if you view analytics which is called “creator hub”.

What I usually post on Pinterest are pretty/aesthetic pictures like the beach, cute drinks, books, and my cats. Pinterest has a lot of pictures that romanticizes studying/school and it motivates me to get my school work done or study, I have a whole board dedicated to that. There’s a lot of popular, and unpopular accounts to follow with all sorts of different content, so you’d definitely find one that interests you if you’re looking to follow people. Pinterest is also a good app to find online friends that have the same interests as you and you can message them, if you’re into that. Some of the boards I have are places I want to travel to, tattoos I want, clothes I like, multiple ones of different “aesthetics”, and more. At first I didn’t like or know what to do on Pinterest, but my friend said I should download it again and it’s become one of my favorite apps. If you don’t already, you should definitely get Pinterest and try it out to see if you like it. My friend Maggie is the one who got me into Pinterest, we have multiple boards together. She likes Pinterest and mostly uses it for recipes, clothes, and jewelry inspiration.