Pokemon Go Makes a Comeback in High Schools!


You’ve possibly heard other students talking about the recent Pokémon go community day Pokémon and that they are showing off their new shiny’s. Heard of how pokemon doesn’t spawn on campus besides from at least one, which is greatly annoying if you want to get one that is nearby a pokestop. 

Released in 2016, Pokemon Go, has been an ever rising mobile game that millions of people play around the world. Here’s some interviews from friends/classmates who still play Pokemon Go. Emmanuel says, “I got interested in playing Pokémon go and I keep on playing it since it’s a cool game.”

Chris said, “I started playing Pokemon go for no reason when it got released.” The reason why he’s still playing it is because of the events and to do daily quests.

Frog said, “I started when pokemon go was released and then uninstalled it a while later.” Started again because their job there’s a Pokemon Go gym. (They don’t work at that job anymore) Continued playing because it’s fun and friends started playing it as well.

As the writer of the article I started playing back in 2016 when it got released but then stop in 2017 then came back last year since one of my friend named Ben was playing it (he doesn’t play anymore). The reason why I’m still playing it because of the events and of friends still playing it. Also it motivate me to move around and walk at the park whenever I want to.