Relationship Do’s and Don’ts for Boys


Are relationships worth the time, effort and money? Let’s be honest girls and boys aren’t perfect, but they need all the help they can get. Boys like being in a relationship and knowing that they have that person for them. But girls want much more. Luckily I have some do’s and don’ts for the boys.

I started by interviewing the freshman girls of Lake Mary to see their opinions on what boys should be doing in a relationship. “Boys should show a girl how much he cares for her, throw a surprise date, get cute gifts. It’s the thought that matters”-Victoria Holden. “Show interest. I want to be loved and shown how much they care for me”-Elizabeth Oyler. “Boys should treat girls with respect, give them gifts, and just show that they love them”-Alanna Bellinger.   “They should bring flowers or a handwritten card and shower her with attention.” -Emma R. All these girls have one thing in common, they want boys to show them how much they love them. The best thing a boy can do is show how much they love and care for their girl.

Secondly, I asked freshman girls at Lake Mary what things not to do in a relationship. ” Boys should not hide girlfriends from their friends or be ashamed of them”-Victoria Holden. “Don’t say nice stuff to my face then tell other people different things”-Elizabeth Oyler. “Don’t repeat and talk about past relationships”. -Alanna Bellinger.

Many of the girls interviewed mentioned they would like a boyfriend who gives them attention, gifts and shows affection.  These are three ways a boyfriend can show their girlfriends how much they mean to them. Be present in the relationship. Similarly, girls don’t want to be kept a little secret. Boys need to show their girlfriend off and introduce them to the important people in their life. Also, boys need to honest and straightforward with their girlfriend.

Overall, knowing what to do and to avoid can help you create a strong and long lasting relationship with your loved one.  Using these tips can help boys understand their girlfriends more and what makes them happy. NOW DO IT!!