What did your club penguin puffle color say about you?


Club penguin is a kids game that many people played as a kid that is now shut down. It had a ton of mini games and a big variety of them too. When you play you are a penguin and you can dress up and build your igloo and use the games to get the money to do so. One of the best parts about this game is the fact that you can have your very own pet Puffle. Puffles are these little round creatures that bounce around and have their own personalities. There have been many additions to the types of puffles but the main colored puffles with the biggest personalities are red, blue, black, pink, brown, orange, and rainbow. The color of the Puffle that you chose says a ton about your personality. I will be doing a breakdown on what the color of your Puffle as a kid says about you.


Starting off one of the main Puffle colors is red. The red Puffle is super adventurous, a little silly and super extreme. The red Puffle loves to bowl and surf. If you chose the red Puffle you probably enjoy some good competition, you love playing games with your friends and really love to win. You have a super bold personality and lots of confidence. You are always up for a challenge and you never let anyone get you down about yourself.


Up next one of the more popular Puffle colors is blue. The blue Puffle represents loyalty and working as a team player. The blue Puffle likes playing with snow and eating pretzels. If the blue Puffle was the Puffle you chose as a kid, you were pretty basic. You probably have some super good friends that are always there to support you. You don’t have to stand out in the crowd to be satisfied. You enjoy living a simple life and you’ll always be there to support your friends.


Another one to recognize is the black Pufflle. The black Puffle kind of keeps to itself, it is quiet and pretty grumpy. The black Puffle likes to skateboard and eat cookies. This Puffle has a pretty intense presence. If you chose the black Puffle you probably think you are edgy and try to dress grunge. You like to skateboard and listen to indie music. You probably have a small friend group and don’t really talk to anyone else unless you have to. When people meet you they probably think that you are mean but in reality you are just reserved.


The next Puffle is the brown one. The brown Puffle is extremely smart and loves to invent things. The Brown Puffle loves to play with rockets and explore new things and learn different subjects like math and science. If you chose this Puffle as a kid it shows that you like to invent things and enjoy learning about different types of theories and testing them. You probably were involved in stem competitions in elementary school or just enjoyed watching Bill Nye and the magic school bus videos.


The pink Puffle is also one of the original Puffles on club penguin. The pink Puffle is super sporty and cheery, it enjoys staying active and playing with the jump rope and playing on the trampoline. If you chose the pink Puffle you were probably an iconic girly pop who just loves the color. You definitely slay and most likely still like the color to this day. You most likely played a sport growing up including dance/cheer or even skating. You probably love eating fruit like watermelon and the beach. You have a huge support system and tons of friends around you.


The orange Puffle is up next, it is one of the most odd puffles. The orange Puffle has a very big appetite and are super curious creatures. They love playing with boxes and wagons. This Puffle is super silly and can literally eat anything. If you chose this Puffle it means that you like to cook food and probably were involved in some type of culinary class in school. You love trying new restaurants and have a wild imagination. You are probably super goofy and people enjoy being around you.



     The last Puffle that we will talk about today is the Rainbow Puffle. The rainbow Puffle is super regal and mysterious, it has random magical powers and is pretty hard to obtain. If you chose the rainbow Puffle you are probably gay now. You probably have a ton of confidence and hold yourself highly. You have an energy about you that draws people to you and everyone wants to be around you. You are super special and don’t mind standing out and you are proud to be yourself.



As you can see Club Penguin has many different types of puffles and this isn’t even all of them. The Puffle that you chose really does say a lot about you and how others perceive you. Which Puffle did you choose when you played?