What Your Magoo Order Says About You


Your Magoo order can make or break a relationship. One unspoken rule of any relationship is that the consumption of coleslaw is forbidden. Another rule is that fried chicken is always the answer to any problem. Huey Magoo’s is a popular restaurant that strongly favors both unspoken rules.

The most popular thing at Huey Magoo’s is their three-piece meal. It has the perfect amount of food for any age, and it does not come with coleslaw, which many appreciate. Another popular choice is the meal for two, which consists of eight tenders and sides for two people. If you get this meal, then you are either super hungry or sharing. The kids’ meal is really popular among teens because of the portions. The wraps and salads are each individual to the person and come with an entirely different meaning.

Naomi Long is an avid Huey Magoo eater and always gets the kids meal. She said, “My favorite part about the kids’ meal is that it comes with a drink, unlike the other meals. I am quite petite and tend to throw most of my food away at places because they aren’t all-inclusive, but the kids’ meal at Magoo’s is the perfect amount.”

Jacob Goodwin also loves Huey Magoo’s, but he gets his tenders sauced. He said, “I always get my tenders sauced in buffalo as it adds more flavor. I love how this is an option, as Chick-fil-A doesn’t offer that. They have a huge selection of sauces and menu items that makes it hard for me to choose.”

Naomi and Jacob both love the variety that Huey Magoo’s offers, and there is still more to come. Unlike Naomi and Jacob, Olivia Burkshire always gets a wrap or salad. She points out,”Huey Magoo’s has a lot of salad toppings and they let me customize my order to my liking”.

No matter if you like wraps, salads, grilled chicken, fried chicken, fries, toast, and even the despicable coleslaw, Huey Magoo’s has it all. The employees are very welcoming and will 100% judge your order.