School Starting Later

Would you rather get an extra hour of sleep but get out of school an hour later, or wake up early and get out early too? The Florida House Bill is talking about middle schools starting no earlier than 8 am and high school starting no earlier than 8:30 am. That would mean that we get out of school no earlier than 3:30 pm. Some people think the idea is great since we get to sleep in, but a lot of people would rather get out of school earlier. Getting more time in the day after school rather than sleeping one extra hour seems more worth it. I asked other people around the school to see what they thought and what they would rather do.

Trevin Lamb says, “I would rather keep the normal time cause I don’t want to get out of school that late.” Julia Berzovich agrees and says, “Yeah I’d rather have time to do stuff after school. If you want an extra hour of sleep then go to sleep earlier.” Sydney Petriccione says, “I’d like to get more sleep in the mornings but I wouldn’t want to leave school at like 4 pm. You could always just go home and take a nap after school, so I’d rather schools just stay the way they are.”

Almost everyone agrees and says that schools shouldn’t change any times. If school starts later then that would also make it really hard for student athletes. Student athletes have practice everyday after school, and them getting out of school later would cause them to get home at 8 or 9 pm. They would have to stay up late and do homework still then have no free time. If kids complain about not getting enough sleep then instead they should not stay up late on their phone or playing video games.

On the other side of things, some people might like school starting later because they could use the sleep. More sleep would equal better focus in school. Kids would pay attention more and be more awake in classes. A lot of kids today get in trouble for dozing off in class and not paying attention and even falling asleep. If school started at 8:30 then kids would wake up more energized and ready for the day.