The Who, What, Wear of Outrageous Celebrity Fashion

The Who, What, Wear of Outrageous Celebrity Fashion

Watching the richest, most famous people in America walk around in dresses of meat can make anyone question fashion. If money truly buys style then why do celebrities have none ? To figure this out we have to question who, what, and why.  


Many celebrities participate in this trend of outrageous fashion on red carpets and at galas including the Kardashians, Lil Nas X, Nikki Minaj, and Madonna. Freshman Cara Coussa stated, “I think Lady Gaga has the weirdest celebrity style ever.” Lady Gaga supported this opinion when she showed up to the Grammys in a massive egg that required five people to carry her on the carpet. Doja Cat competed for the sketchy style throne when she went to the Schiaparelli Fashion Show covered completely in red crystals from her alarmingly bald head to her toes.So what do all of these celebrities have in common? They were in the headlines the next day. 


The most common celebrity choice for the red carpet is to either wear so much fabric that their outfit swallows them whole or to wear so little fabric it seems they are wearing nothing at all. Stars choose colors that could blind any innocent onlooker. Designers create odd shapes and cutouts that look like they could only come from another planet. Freshman Carson Mcdowell thinks, “Lizzo has the worst outfit I’ve ever seen. When she wore that orange dress with the silver jewels she looked like a literal pumpkin. Ew.” Many fans shared this opinion. 


So then why do celebrities wear horrendous outfits that fans despise?The main reason is because it works. No one would remember half of these celebrities without them making a mockery of themselves. They make atrocious style choices just so they can win the attention competition.  Freshman Claire Wright explained, “What makes me talk about a celebrity is any gossip really. They aren’t interesting until their scandals and trashy outfits are on display.” 


No matter what our opinions are, celebrities will keep finding ways to take their outfits to the next level. We can either fight it or laugh at it.