The best April Fools pranks!


April fools, what a foolish holiday! 

My personal favorite prank that anyone has played on me was when my mom told us she was pregnant with triplets. She has 5 kids! My siblings and I all started crying, and not happy tears. Now that’s a good prank!

But what are some other good pranks? Looking for simple, funny prank… well here are the best pranks to trick someone on April fools: 


1. Plastic Wrap on Toilet

Looking to use the bathroom! Not anymore! For this prank, place clear plastic wrap on a open toilet bowl. Try to make sure it’s not visible as best as possible. Now just wait for your victim. However, this prank might require a cleanup. Hadyn A. said, “It’s funny, if it works. You get to hear their hilarious reaction.” For a replacement prank, you could put plastic wrap on a doorway.


2. Shaving cream and a sleeping someone

Does your friend like to nap a lot? If they do, here’s the best prank to fool them with. Grab some shaving cream (whipped cream could be a replacement) and find an available hand to put the shaving cream in. Now start tickling their face and their hand should land right on their face! 


3. Cheesy orange juice

Now this is just plain disgusting! Find an empty orange juice carton and fill it with water. Now mix some mac and cheese packets and it will look exactly like orange juice. Place it back in the fridge like no one even noticed. Now wait for the magic to happen! 

4. Honk at me!

Looking to prank someone with a driver’s license, here it is! Make a sign that says “honk at me” and place it where the driver wouldn’t see directly. Now when they’re on the road, they might not be expecting so much honking. 


5. Minty Oreos

Gee, this Oreo is tasting a little minty! All you must do is to carefully remove the filling of the Oreo. Find some white toothpaste and replace it for the filling. If you don’t want to be super visibly obvious, you could also keep some of the cream filling on the outside to make it look more realistic. Kaitlyn C. said, “It’s funny! It adds an element of surprise and it never gets old.”


So, which one are you going to try this April Fools?