What to expect @ T-Swifty’s Eras Tour


      Taylor Swift is an American Singer-Songwriter, she has been in the music industry since 2006 when she released her debut album “Taylor Swift” You also may be more than familiar with her other various albums like; folklore, evermore, reputation, lover, and her newest,Midnights. Taylor released her album (Midnights) on October 22, 2022, shortly thereafter she announced via instagram that she was going to be touring again. But instead of

      She decided to perform songs from all of her albums (and a couple of single released songs.) So far, she has done the first two shows in Glendale, Arizona. Well, I should actually say ‘Swift City.’ When the city of Glendale found out that Ms.Swift was going to be kicking off her tour there, Glendale decided to rename the city after her. A lot of Taylors fans also called Arizona, “Erazona ” (Hinting the eras tour.)

      The first show was March 17, approximately 70,000 ‘swifties’ attended. The openers of the show were Gayle (known for ‘abcdefu”’) and Paramore (known for ‘all i wanted’.) Taylor started off the setlist with the infamous song “Miss Americana & The HeartBreak Prince” She continued the song “Lover” The rest of Swift’s three hour setlist was 44 songs long, with barely any breaks. She performed about 3-5 songs per album, what her fans found weird was that she only sang one of her songs from her 3rd studio album (speak now) “Enchanted.” The swifties have been suspecting a ‘taylors version’ of that album, which is just a re-recorded/remastered version of her album. 

      Taylor Swift has been rerecording her albums since 2020/2021 because of a scandal that happened between Scooter Braun (her friend) and her. This all went down in 2019 when Braun sold the first six studio album rights of Taylor’s to an investment group. This prompted Taylor to end the contract between the record company that scooter braun owned and start a new contract between a trusted record company (republic records.) Lots of people on social media thought Taylor would stop making music and/or lose fame. But this was the complete opposite. 

      Since opening the tour, Taylor has broken several records (even some of her own.) Some include, a 36 year old record of Madonnas with seats of 36,000, another one broken is that this is one of the highest grossing tours in history. Overall, the expectations for this tour are going to keep growing and growing. The next show will be in Las Vegas on March 24. We hope to see Taylor bejeweled with her various outfit changes, her fabulous songs, and her interactive fans!