This is your sign!! Entering your villain era??


At times life can reach a point of repetition and can seem boring. People do many things to spice life up and enter things I like to call “eras”. For example, if you recently started binge watching Rick and Morty you are entering your “Rick and Morty era”.  There are many eras that you can enter but there are few that will have an impact on your character. I am here to tell you why you should enter your VILLAIN era.


Confidence building

When you enter your villain era you learn how to not care about what others think about you, and you learn how to be strong and keep your head high when people talk to you. You are strong, you are powerful, and you will find yourself to begin to see how truly amazing you are. 


Following your dreams

Starting your new era you will find yourself going after the things you desire. You don’t have to ask others their opinion or get feedback on your work, as long as you are passionate enough and work hard you will get what you want.



Entering this era will boost your confidence and you will begin to take on new ideas of what you truly enjoy wearing, maybe you have an outfit you haven’t felt confident enough to wear yet but now.. You will be. You’re the villain. You will realize in this era that the only opinion that matters is your own, if you feel hot then you are hot! Wear that new fit and explore that new style, itll be a total game changer.


Embracing who you are

This era will really bring out who you are as a person. You can wear what you want, talk how you want, and reach the goals that you want which will in turn help grow your inner self, it will help you find yourself as long as you stay true to who you are. When you don’t allow others’ opinions to get in the way, you can go extremely far in life. 


Getting true friends

Villains have a small circle and its good to keep it that way. Whether you do or not, your villain era will definitely show you who your real friends are because it will show who you really are. Villains have their sidekicks that always stick by their side no matter how hard things get, and those are the friends you’ll find during this amazing era. 


In conclusion, Entering this era will show you who you are and who your friends are. It doesn’t matter what others think of you and you should always remember that. It’s your life so why spend it trying to please others. Wear that outfit. Go to that party. Kiss your crush. Who cares about society’s norms? This is your sign!!!