3 Perfume Recommendations


Perfumes that smell like vanilla, cherries, sweet, floral, powdery, and more. Those are some examples on what some of the perfumes that I am recommending smell like. If you’re having trouble finding good perfumes, your signature scent, or you would just like more perfumes, I will be naming my favorites, so maybe you’ll purchase one and like it as much as I do. Some of the perfumes are expensive and some are inexpensive, so there’s a wide variety and you might be able to find one that you think you’ll like.

  1. Absolutely Blooming -Miss Dior. This one is expensive, yes, but it’s very much worth it. For starters, it smells very good, it’s strong without using too many sprays, and it lasts a long time. I have also gotten complimented on this perfume multiple times, it’s probably the perfume that I have gotten complimented on the most. When I wear it to school it lasts the whole day and I can still smell it on myself when I get home. I would describe the smell as a sweet field of flowers. Others think it smells like roses, fruity, floral, sweet, woody, musky, fresh, and soft. It came out in 2016 and was a hit, still being pretty popular. It usually costs anywhere from $130-$160 and you can get it on the Dior website, Amazon, Sephora, and more, those are just some examples.
  2. Coconut Passion -Victoria’s Secret. Inexpensive, a very good perfume, and the perfect summer scent. It lasts a pretty long time, but it’s not as strong as other perfumes. Despite that, it’s still a really good perfume. It obviously smells like coconut, but also vanilla, sweet, powdery, and tropical. The smell makes me think of the beach in the summertime, as I said earlier it’s the perfect summer scent, my go to. It launched in 2017 and I haven’t seen many people talk about it, I would say it’s underrated. You can get it from multiple stores, such as Victoria’s Secret, Amazon, Walmart, and lots more. The price usually ranges anywhere from $10-$20.
  3. Lost Cherry -Tom Ford. Another expensive perfume, but for sure worth the price. It’s very strong and smells good, so people will for sure turn to look at you when you walk past them. According to the website Fragrantica, it smells woody, warm spicy, fruity, nutty, and of course, like cherries. The perfume reminds me of the dark feminine aesthetic. Lost Cherry is also designed for both for women and men. Some places you can purchase it at are Macy’s, Sephora, FragranceNet, and more. There are also a lot of resellers, but I wouldn’t trust them because of how cheap they sell it for, considering the actual perfume is pretty pricy. The cost of the perfume ranges anywhere from $200-$300. This is another perfume that lasts the whole day. It came out in 2018 and gained a lot of popularity, it’s still popular to this day.

If you don’t know of any perfumes to buy, maybe my recommendations gave you an idea. If you do decide to purchase any, I hope you’ll think it’s a good perfume. You might have even smelled one of them before or have one of your own. If you have, what are your thoughts? Do you think they’re worth the hype?