Top 5 best Barbie movies!


Everyone is so thrilled to see the new upcoming Barbie movie featuring Margot Robbie as the iconic doll… but let’s take this time to reminisce about the early 2000’s Barbie movies!

Growing up my sister and I loved the Barbie movies. We watched them day after day. Recently I sat down and watched them again. It was so nostalgic. From Barbie in the Nutcracker to Barbie as a mermaid. These movies were my whole childhood! But which ones are my favorite? 


Here are the top 5 best Barbie movies to watch: 


Now, if my eight year old self was ranking the movies, I would rank them as:


1. The Diamond Castle

2. Princess and the Pauper

3. 12 Dancing Princesses

4. The Nutcracker

5. Swan Lake


But now after rewatching all the movies again I would rank them as:


5. Swan Lake (2003)

Based on the famous Tchaikovsky ballet, Barbie of Swan Lake is such a classic!  Gianna T. Says, “I have to go with Swan Lake as my favorite Barbie movie. I have chosen Swan Lake as it is a classic Barbie movie that has such an amazing meaning behind it. It really is inspiring how Odette learns to be brave throughout the movie.”


4. The Nutcracker (2001)

 It’s the movie that started it all! Again, another Barbie movie based on the famous Tchaikovsky ballet, but who doesn’t love the nutcracker? I love the story and music! However, the animation is the thing that drives me crazy in this movie.  It’s the timeless Barbie movie that’ll never be forgotten. 


3. 12 Dancing Princesses (2006)

12 Dancing Princesses was the 9th Barbie movie to be released and the first to be distributed by Universal Studios. This movie is sentimental. From the cheerful music to the dancing, it makes you want to live your inner ballerina. I just love the story of this movie!


2. The Diamond Castle (2008)

My all time favorite childhood movie! Filled with suspense, awesome music, and dancing dogs. And I also just love the villain in this movie. The movie taught a beautiful lesson of friendship and forgiveness. 


1. Princess and the Pauper (2004)

Nothing can beat this breathtaking movie! From the songs to the amazing animation for its time. It is just the staple Barbie movie to watch! It was the 4th Barbie movie to be released and the first Barbie movie to be a musical. This movie is filled with amazing songs with stunning lyrics and voices. It has it all; suspense, romance, and comedy. It’s an unforgettable movie! Kaitlyn C. says, “Princess and the Pauper is my favorite Barbie movie because it has comedy, a good storyline, good music, and good voice acting.”


If you are enthusiastic to watch the new Barbie movie consider going down memory lane and watch some of my favorites.