Interview with Ms.Moore


Many kids may think English is boring, but Ms. Moore’s class is different. She attempts to make it more fun than you would expect.  We sat down with Mrs. Moore to get the scoop on this extraordinary teacher.

1. How long have you been teaching?

  • I’ve been teaching for 8 years.

2. What influenced you to teach English?

  • I had an English teacher in High-school who I connected with and taught me many things.

3. Do you like your students this year?

  • I see potential in all my students and I love and enjoy all my students. Just sometimes it can be handful.

4. Do you enjoy teaching English?

  • I enjoy seeing students connecting to the stories.

5. If you could change your job what would you do?

  • I would become a lawyer.

6.Who’s your favorite teacher friend at lake Mary?

  • Ms. Seccas

7. Would you ever fight a kid if they were a threat to the class?

  • NO! hands to yourself and walk away from drama.