Hairdressers Can Ruin your Life!!


Going to the hair salon is always a gamble, especially when it’s a place you’ve never been too. When getting your hair done you just have to sit and pray that your hair looks good. Then you start to overthink, “Why is my head getting hot”, “What if she fries my hair”, “What if its streaky”. Going to a new salon is always a gamble and its a risk people will take to look good. You would imagine that with how expensive it is your hair would look flawless, but that’s not the case. Hair can make or break a person but once you sit in that salon chair its out of your hands.

I was one of the victim of a bad hair dye. I went in asking for simple highlights and SHE BLEACHED MY WHOLE HEAD! This left my hair a bright yellow and not what I wanted. I left the salon and cried for hours on end because this was supposed to be my prom hair. I went home and tried to tone it down with purple shampoo but this didn’t work. I had to schedule a new appointment with a different girl, meaning on top of the 200 dollars I had already spent I had to pay another 200 to get it fixed. To top it off, I asked for her to just cut the dead ends off but she ended up cutting over 4 inches off of my hair, and the cut wasn’t even straight. My hair is still recovering.

Sophomore Anna Voigt has the most horrific hair story. When Anna was in 6th grade she begged her mom to let her bleach her dirty blonde hair. After months of convincing, her mom finally agreed. Her mom didn’t want to spend tons of money so they went to a salon that was in their price range. She finished with her hair and Anna loved it but when she got home she noticed how brittle her hair had become. The hair stylist had left the bleach in her hair for far to long. This caused Annas hair to start falling out in big chunks. Anna had hair that was down to her bottom, but because of the damage they had to cut her hair into a bob and her hair hasn’t been able to grow that long since.

Going to get your hair done is always hit or miss, but its a risk many people are willing to take. People rely on their hair to improve their appearance and one hair dresser can completely ruin your confidence. Hair is delicate and easy to ruin so when you go to a hair dresser make sure you do your research.