Strict Parents Are The Downfall of Their Kids


It is my opinion that strict parents are just former bad teens who don’t want their kids to make the same mistakes.  Teens all over the world struggle with their parents regardless of their situation but when faced with a parent whose stricter than you would like, the results likely will not please the parents.  Teens will rebel and respond with  lying, breaking rules, and becoming everything their parent doesn’t want them to be. 

According to research studies the negative effects of strict parents is extreme. “Studies show that kids raised in a strict household tend to be unhappy​3​ and show more depressive symptoms​4–6​. In some countries, such as Hong Kong​7​ and Australia​8​, kids raised in strict households are more prone to suicidal attempts or ideation.”

Parents believe that by being strict it’ll prevent their kids from getting involved in bad things, but by doing so it instills rebellion in their child and teaches them how to lie and get away with things so much better than kids who are just upfront with their parents. “Because the parents do not provide a safe environment for the kids to tell the truth, kids raised with strict rules are good at lying and hiding things so they don’t get in trouble.”