Valentine’s day!<3

Valentines day!<3

A lot of people who know me know I LOVE Valentine’s day!  I don’t have a specific reason as to why I’ve just always loved it. Even though I think Valentine’s day should be everyday when your in a relationship I think it’s so cute to see people walking around with gifts that their significant other spoiled them with. And even if you don’t have a valentine to spoil you you need to spoil yourself its self love!! you don’t need a boyfriend or girlfriend to get you something when you can do it yourself and be happy and independent. Anyways I went to social media to ask people why they like Valentines day to see if we have different views and here are their responses:

Adrianna Rodriguez said, ” I like Valentine’s day  because it’s a day where you can show your significant other all the love and support you have for them.” Which I agree with I think Valentine’s day is the day that you should prioritize and spoil your loved one the most. They deserve it.

Shirvi Davis said, “I like Valentine’s day because it’s a time that you can really express your love for a person.” This is one of the reasons why I love Valentine’s day, you can make the whole day about your partner and making them feel special!

This is a very different view on the holiday but a really good one Ivanelys Viera said,  “I like it because it’s not only about love, it’s also about friendship. It’s a day to appreciate your friends and you don’t do it on a daily. As well as if you have your bf/gf then its a day to appreciate them too. Appreciate the fact that met them, that they stuck with you through your tough times. For me is like another thanksgiving day, but specifically to friends and love partners.” I like this response a lot because she mentioned the fact that this day is also a day to appreciate your friends which I know many people don’t view Valentine’s day as a day to appreciate your friends and the relationships you have with them, Which I think its good to spoil your friends too why not.

Overall I love Valentine’s day, and I know many people do as well except for the small amount of haters here and there but I think every holiday has its haters.