Your $$$ To Save or To Spend?


Money is one of the hardest things to keep as a teen, with the constant allure of going out to eat and buying things money is as hard to keep as it is to get. Many teens get part time jobs to remedy their lack of money,  some are just better at saving than others. 

A survey conducted in 2017 revealed that only 38% of teens save money, while the rest don’t feel the need to save. Student Hannah Kehoe is among one of the many teens that chose to spend money freely with no regard towards future needs. After talking to Hannah she informed me that if she has money why not spend it and enjoy it, especially if she’ll get more eventually. This mindset led her to spending $77 dollars on her nails, paid an extra $20 on jeans to get next day shipping, and bought chipotle three times in one day. When asked if she saves even a little bit she replied with “I do save some money, but then I end up spending it.” 

This idea of money constantly replenishing itself therefore you can constantly spend it could negatively impact people in the long run. If a teen grows up and learns how to handle money in that way then, when their money is no longer replenishing itself they are faced with bad habits and no money. This is extremely hazardous not only right now but when you’re an adult and have other things to pay for like bills. If you are unable to manage your money properly then you could end up relying on others to help you in life. Learning to save is one of the most important skills taught and every parent and even the school systems should be actively teaching this.